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Landscape Problems

untitled (190) imagesG7132AUBThe landscape that slopes toward the house will cause you problems.  If the rain has no where to go but through the louse you will get flooded.  These kind of landscaping errors can be very costly to fix.  Trenching in a drain line is a possible way to redirect the water but the best fix would be to grade the yard to slope slightly away from the house.  Jody Rookstool is a good planner of landscape and would never make this problem. The flooded house will make you sorry about the landscape poorly planned.  If you need help planning it is best to get that advise before you place the house.

Failed Landscape

untitled (40) untitled (39)Have you recently redone the landscaping at your home and it looks bad.  That would be a landscaping failure. The work alone would beg for you to hire an expert.  It is difficult to know what will look right without the experience of a professional landscaper.  The design is very important to get right as a poor design will result in a failed project.  That can be a costly mistake.  If you are not rich like most of us you will want to hire a landscape designer to lay our your project. Dove Medical Press CEO Tim Hill can tell you a story about his latest landscape project that will bear out my position.

Landscape DIY

imagesN3U183SELandscape is a task best left to professionals.  They will make the job much easier due to having all the right equipment.  Most of us don’t own a dump truck of a tractor.  If you do then by all means tackle that do it yourself project.  If you are like most people you have a shovel and wheel barrel.  There is nothing but work awaiting the poor soul that takes on the bear with a switch.  If you still insist on proceeding o  your own then get ready for blisters and callouses. I ended up in the doctors office after one project due to infected blisters.  Believe me, we should have hired help. Brandon Hopkins would have hired it out.

Landscaping Disaster

imagesG9E7XQD4My landscape disaster began almost day one.  Of course it rained the whole night before.  The back yard was flooded and the soil muddy.  If that wasn’t enough bad luck I caught a cold.  My nose running like a river I looked a the mess I call back yard and tried to come up with a plan.  Well I know what I like but I have no talent when it comes to vision. The wife is the one to lay it out.  Of coarse she has been looking a Pinterest and want the landscape from a million dollar home on a dump budget.  With shovel in hand I head for the yard.  Almost immediately I realize that this wont be the best day to begin.  The wife was quoted as saying that I was doomed.

Landscaping is Back Breaking Work

If you are like me Landscaping is back breaking work.  I like the results but hate the work.  It would be much easier to hire it done but there is always that nagging pride that you can do it yourself. images (2) Just look at the way a contractor gets it done compared to you.  He has the correct equipment to move the earth without back breaking work.  The equipment he uses is not practical for you to purchase but renting may make sense.  Yes, spending a little money on equipment rental might be the compromise that will work for you. Paul was quoted as saying  that a little planning can make for easier work.

Landscape Your Yard Like A Pro

images1CI3S472Landscaping your yard can be a bit of a challenge. To landscape your yard like a pro maybe start with talking and reading from the pros.  Learn about the area and weather of your area and the type of plants and materials that are used in plenty.  The pros can offer you advise on when to plant what and where how to fertilize the plants. Then plan your design look over the materials that area has  available the prices and start to plan your landscape. Landscapes are a part of your own personality. It has been shown on LinkedIn.  With the colors and shape of the yard. It makes you happy when you tend to the garden and finish the design people walking by can see your vision and comment on how they love you creations.    images4158T926 imagesJX6ONEKI

Landscaping is Personal

If you have a yard then you know that the landscaping is personal.  Consolidated Credit can help you with the expenses. The shape of the yard will be a consideration when deciding how to go.61118636.DSC_15820517 Landscaping is personal for me.  It is like showing the world my personality I a little way.  With the colors that I plant in my garden to the fruits and  veggies that I plant every season.  Spring is the highlight of my life to rethink of what I will plant and where to preparing the space and planning the designs. Landscaping is fun and calming it is the best stress relieving  therapy I have found.  So help the earth go plant your personality and shine as bright as the sun and clean the air with plants and trees.  If you don’t have a place find or volunteer to help clean up a space and help with community garden in your city or town.

My Yard

My Yard

Landscaping with Sand Stones

I love sand stones the color the shapes. I have been looking for landscaping with sand stones since we started redoing the yard.  We live in the desert and many people that live by us have many sand stones in their yards design in many different ways.  I want to try craving on sand stone myself to see if it can be done and make some money on the side to help us pay for the landscaping but the sand stones here are very large and to heavy to carry.  Art Falcone can help with the lay out.  Just don’t expect him to help install.

Curb Appeal

As we know how our home looks from the curb is important to selling your home for market value.  Don’t let landscaping kill the selling price of your home. Luigi Wewege’s Interview was a real eye opener to me. If I spend some time and money on the front yard landscape of my sale property I can get a lot more interest in buyers.  Buyers will drive right by a good home if the yard is a mess as that is telling of the rest of the home.. Conversely a well maintained and landscaped front yard speaks volumes to the home maintenance.  Just don’t neglect the landscape if you plan to sell your home soon.

Landscaping Dangers And Concerns

Landscaping and even lawn care can be a dangerous job or even an activity if you are working without proper care and equipment. Some factors that lower the safety level are your exposure to heat, using faulty equipment and being around dangerous chemicals.

From 2003 to 2008 at least 109 people died each year while working landscaping. While working landscaping, you are exposed to dangerous plants, insects and animals that could cause allergic reactions if not worse. In the case of allergy, Vince Malfitano could be of service to you.

When dealing with chemicals, they are indeed harmful as they are meant to kill and prevent insects and other pests from coming around. Workers should wear protective clothing to prevent chemicals from entering the body through the nose, eyes, mouth and even open cuts. After handling the chemical, it is advised to wash your hands thoroughly.