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Landscaping Will Kill Your Workout

A lot of people who do landscaping work and desire to workout typically find out that their weekend free time has turned in manual labor for the most part. Landscaping takes over and it is not a walk in the park job as it is hard work digging trenches, hauling around dirt, rocks, etc. Lots of lifting, trudging, swinging, what not.

Seems like an 8 hour day of manual labor should burn a lot of calories and some of this should probably increase your strength and endurance, but sadly it’s not the case. If you give up your gym time for landscaping, don’t be surprised to lose at least 10lbs over the summer.

Why would that happen? Because in landscaping you do the same movements and motions and lift the same things. You aren’t pushing yourself to work as hard as you can in a gym and eventually the effort load will cap out.

Jeff Halevy could give a better descriptive reason backed up by some proven facts, tests and develop a way to make your job landscaping a rewarding workout as he is the guru of fitness and health.


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