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Winter Prep Necessary for the Return of a Striking Spring Landscape

The cold weather common to Western New York throughout the fall and winter makes it quite easy for even the most dedicated of gardeners to go into a kind of hibernation until the snow begins to thaw in the spring. While it may seem silly to be thinking about a garden or other aspects of the landscape when there will soon be several feet of snow covering the ground, there is a fair amount of preparation that must be done during the winter to ensure that the spring will bring plenty of colorful blooms. It should be the goal of gardeners to adopt the diligence of a company likeĀ one stop maintenance, as gardening and facility maintenance both require a consistent level of focus and devotion.

Gardeners who are familiar with 1 stop maintenance reviews understand that doing a little bit of prep work up front saves quite a lot of effort and frustration later on. In a way, gardening and landscaping are quite similar to the facility maintenance performed by 1 stop maintenance, particularly when it comes to preparatory strategies. Since the ground is likely to be covered by snow and will be prone to freezing, the roots of perennials have to be protected from the cold. This can be accomplished by laying a fresh layer of mulch as a form of insulation for the roots, ensuring that the plant will be able to begin creating new growth as soon as the weather warms following the change in season.

For gardeners who are fond of bulbs, removing and properly storing the bulbs over the winter is critical to ensure they will return with healthy new growth in the spring. Before winter sets in, the bulbs should be removed from garden beds and stored in a location that will stay relatively cool and dry throughout the winter. Bulbs have to breathe, so they should be stored in a cardboard box and not in plastic bags of any kind. Some bulbs actually require several weeks of cold temperatures in order to bloom in spring, so it may be necessary to store these kinds of bulbs in the refrigerator until they are ready to be planted after the ground thaws.